Become an Astronaut: Let’s Go All To Space

become an astronaut

Look like astronaut – feel like astronaut – become an astronaut

Поехали! ‘Poyekhali!’ – said cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin before his spaceship launched into space. That means ‘Let’s go’ in Russian. Instead of a formal command Gagarin was supposed to say at take off, he went for something more informal – ‘Poyekhali!’ It looks like he was very comfortable at becoming the first cosmonaut, astronaut, human to go to space. 

Now, you see this ‘Let’s all go to space’ and you might wonder ‘Well, I don’t want to go there, to be honest’. Very understandable. Really, we don’t urge you to go to space and become an astronaut. However, we say ‘Be an astronaut when you are here on Earth’. What we mean by that: explore, be curious, travel around and have adventures, study, learn more, do not take Earth’s treasures for granted.

We say ‘Look like astronaut – feel like astronaut’. Not because that’s trendy, not because it’s a costume party but because that way you would feel how great it is to be on Earth, how much you want to stay here and see more of this planet.

Imagine that you are training to become an astronaut, you are an AsCan – astronaut candidate. Part of the training is to learn to fly and dive, acquire a STEM degree (science, technology, engineering or maths), experience analog missions, become physically fit, learn Russian and English. Can you imagine how much your horizon would increase? Can you imagine how much more knowledgeable, skilled and educated you become? So yeah, we say ‘let’s all go to space. Let’s all be astronauts. Let’s all dress like we are going to space to put us in the right mood’.

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All to space.

become an astronaut

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